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About ME


My name is Mark Jamison.

I'm not a Garlock by name,

but I am a member of the clan nonetheless.

My mother was born Charlotte Garlock,

and she married Robert Jamison, my father,

and well, you know how this works.

That makes me part of the family.

Please be patient with me.

You see, I am not a genealogist, nor a historian.

I am a total amateur at this stuff, although I'm learning.

And I'm not a polished writer.

I am an engineer by training - you know, boring.

Fortunately, this site is not about me, it is about our relatives and ancestors.

I will never ask for money or try to sell you anything. This is simply a communication tool for anyone interested in the Garlock family. I would like you to sign in as a member and leave your email so I can send notices when an update is posted on the site. But if you are uncomfortable with that - no problem.

This is my retirement project.

At least for now.

I hope you enjoy it.

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