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Garlock  Family  Tree

Here is a very abbreviated Family Tree Outline.


A. Wilhelm Gerlach and B. Hans Gerlach did not emigrate, but stayed in Germany.

Johann Peter Gerlach and Johann Christian Gerlach were the first generation to immigrate to America. They are Generation 1.

Charles Wesley Garlock is Generation 8 (and I am Generation 10)

The Wilhelm Gerlach line and the Hans Gerlach line meet when Philip Garlock marries Elizabeth Garlock. 

The three pdf files below provide more detail.

First is the "Garlock Family Outline". This table add siblings who are not in our direct line. (4 pages)

The second file "Garlock Family Ancestor Table" is much more detailed (24 pages)

Both are good references when reading the Garlock stories.

The third file is a true family tree format you may be used to seeing. It takes us back to Generation 1. Not even 20 percent of the 510 spaces available in these charts are filled with names - we simply don't know who they were.

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