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20. Our Garlock Ancestors.

This story is my attempt to bring together information about all our ancestors I've written about into one document. It not so much a narrative as a representation of the facts we know about these Garlocks. Fear not, there are some good stories in here too, but mostly it's a tabulation of the data we have on them.

It is terribly long, weighing in at 110 pages. And it is Not final. I will continue to edit this as I discover new facts. But it is full of interesting and fun information about these incredible people. You may choose to read it all, or simply use it as a reference on specific characters when reading the other stories. For instance, when reading about our Palatine Beginnings, you may pull this out and read about Johann Christian Gerlach. Or when reading Garlocks of New York, check up on Adam Garlock. Adam is a particularly interesting character.

I've done my best to catch errors in this document and the Garlock Family Ancestor Table, but it is really hard. Every time a new fact arises, it requires editing in several places, so forgive me if you find mistakes.

And finally, you can pull up the Garlock Family Outline, the Garlock Family Ancestor Table, or the Garlock Family Tree as good references to supplement this story. These are also available on the Family Tree tab of this website.

20. Our Garlock Ancestors
Download PDF • 1.53MB

Also Useful:

Garlock Family Tree Outline
Download PDF • 56KB

The Garlock Family Table
Download PDF • 428KB

Garlock Family Tree
Download PDF • 3.60MB

Enjoy Your Garlock Family History!

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