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10. Simpson College Zenith Yearbook

In our last adventure, I had downloaded a slew of fun items from the Morningside College annual yearbooks on my grandfather Charles Wesley Garlock and other members of his family who were students there. Then I started thinking: my mom (Charlotte Garlock) went to Simpson College. I wonder if there are any old yearbooks with her in them?

Sure enough. I was able to find copies of the Simpson College Zenith for the years 1946 through 1952. Not only was Charlotte in these volumes, I found her sisters Anita and Helen. And as a bonus, I found their older brother Robert. I was hoping to find their sister Marilyn but didn't. However, I did find Marilyn's husband Robert Dykstra towering above his classmates.

Anyway, old photos are a blast. I hope you get a kick out of these.

Caution: Another large file.

Enjoy your family history!

10. Simpson College Yearbook
Download PDF • 165.24MB

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