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14. Charles & Stella

An so, having written about the ancestry of both the the Garlock Family and the Miller Family, it's time to address how the two families got together. This is the story of Charles and Stella.

One part of this story deals with the budding romance of Charles and Stella. It's a vignette that makes me smile every time I read it, and may bring a tear to your eyes. I think you will really like "the Courtship of Charles and Stella."

The story includes events that the readers may remember first hand, or may be able to expand upon. In fact, at the end of the story, I added some of my personal memories of my Grandpa and Grandma Garlock. If anyone would like to share their stories, that would be welcome.

The first document is the text of the story.

The second document includes photos, maps, documents, etc.

14. Charles & Stella
Download PDF • 747KB

14A. Charles & Stella
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Enjoy Your Family History!

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