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15. episode one - Palatine Beginnings

And now we go back to the beginnings of the Garlock story. Episode One. Back to Europe, to Germany. Back to the 1500's, 1600's and 1700's. Back to when the Garlocks were known as Gerlach's (and other spellings). And back to the tale of how the Gerlachs came to America.

This has been an incredibly fun story to research. It's also a story with a lot of holes and uncertainties. But what a tale it is. Our ancestors were part of one of the greatest immigrations in early American history. And some of them played important roles in this immigration, and in the early settling of America. Johann Christian Gerlach is the main character in this tale, and he is an ancestor we can all be proud of.

The harsh realities of life back in these early days makes me very thankful for the sacrifices our ancestors made so that we can enjoy the lives we do today.

I think you will enjoy this.

15. Palatine Beginnings
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15A. Palatine Beginnings - Supplemental
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Enjoy Your Family History!

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