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16. The Garlocks of New York.

Once Johann Peter and Johann Christian Gerlach came to America, it took them a while to get settled. New York State was a wild place in the early 1700's. Our ancestors helped tame the frontier. After the Revolution, many of the Garlocks found a home in Canajoharie, New York. In fact, both branches of our Garlock family did. It became a Garlock stronghold for many years. This story brings us full circle and ends with Philip and Elizabeth Garlock and their son Walter, who married Maranda and had a son Charles William Garlock, who we know so much about already from earlier tales.

The Supplemental Materials for this story are substantial - 65 pages of maps, census data and other interesting documents. Don't ignore them.

Also there is new data in the Family Tree section of this site, including a large family tree table that will help you keep track of all the many characters in this story - 69 at last count.

16. The Garlocks of New York
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16A. Garlocks of New York
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Enjoy Your Garlock Family History!

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