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5. On the Road to Find the Garlock Family.

In September of last Ann and I took a road trip in our RV to track down some of the Garlock Family members I had been writing about. The focus was on Rev. Charles William Garlock and his family members who settled in northwest Iowa, including the Hitt family who pioneered near LeMars, Iowa. We spent a couple days driving to small towns in Iowa and Nebraska. We did not have time to make it to South Dakota where Rev. Charles and Agnes homesteaded - maybe another trip.

If you ever have the time, I highly recommend adventures like this. To find relics of old family members in the towns where they lived is exciting and really connects you with their lives. Admittedly, a lot of time was spent in cemeteries, but those too have their charm.

As soon as we got home, I continued my research and found we missed opportunities to document other family members graves and a house that Rev. Charles and Fidelia built in Sioux City, and a house the Millers (Stella's family) lived in. Looks like we will need to make another trip to continue the story.

Anyway, here is the record of our road trip.

Enjoy your history.

5. 2020 Garlock Road Trip
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