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6. The Miller Family

When I started doing this research, I focused on the Garlock side of my family rather than the Jamisons. With my mother being a Garlock, I thought this was something I could do that she would be able to appreciate and contribute to. After my first couple of stories on the Garlocks, mom asked if I had found anything on the Millers. This was the family of my grandma Stella (Miller) Garlock pictured above.. Unfortunately, I did not have much to offer. I did some preliminary searching and found a very few fun pictures, so I threw them together on a quick two-pager.

Page two of the document has photos of a house that may or may not have been the final Miller home in Sioux City. We went to visit the house on our road trip and took these photos. It is inconclusive as to whether this was once a Miller house. More research required.

Anyways, as I continued my work, I did find a couple fun Miller stories, but those are detailed in later articles, so you will have to wait. For now, just a few Miller photos.

6. The Miller Family
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