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8. The Travels and Tribulations of the Rev. Charles William Garlock.

I spent several months researching the Rev. Charles Garlock and his family. What an interesting guy. This piece is the culmination of that work. Many of the stories used as reference for this piece were newspaper stories included in the previous post. As I got deeper into his story, I started to get an overall picture of his life - where he lived, when, with whom...

I decided I needed to find a way to put it all together. Easier said than done. Nevertheless, what I ended out with was a narrative in chronological order of Rev. Charles' life. There are a few distractions along the way and sometimes I kind of go back and forth. Ah well. Additionally, I have thrown in some historical maps that show his immigration out of New York. And in the end there are still many questions to be answered, but I guess it wouldn't be any fun if we had all the answers.

Enjoy your family history!

8. The Travels and Tribulations of Rev
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