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9. The Morningside College Sioux Annual Yearbook

Another great resource I discovered during my research was old yearbooks. People have scanned old high school and college yearbooks and collected them on the internet. What is available is very spotty, and yet...

I knew I would not find anything on Rev. Charles Garlock, but maybe his kids? I knew my grandfather, Charles Wesley Garlock went to Morningside College, so I checked it out. Again, by sheer luck, there were many yearbooks from Morningside in just the right timeframe 1905-1920. I copied every page I could find that had a family member in it. I found lots on Charles Wesley, his brother Roy and his sister Amber. They all went to Morningside, and the Garlocks were active. They showed up over and over.

What I have assembled are the pages from the "Morningside Sioux" from the years 1909 thru 1918. Up front is a one page summary of each of the three "kids" summarizing their activities. It's a little tricky to understand the years represented in the books. The best I can tell, the yearbooks were assembled by a class of students for the previous years studies. So for instance, Charles Wesley was a senior and graduated in June of 1917. He shows up as a senior in the 1918 yearbook which was assembled by students in the 1917-1918 school year.

Morningside was both a college and an "Academy" during the years in question. The Academy was set up to help students who had inadequate high school training, or in place of high school, a kind of prep school. Roy and Charles both went to Academy and then to College. I am not sure about Amber. Charles first shows up as a member of the Academy in 1908, disappears for a few years then is a full time student from 1913-1917. I suspect he did 2-3 years of Academy, then took a couple of years off, maybe to work and save money. When he came back to school he was a very involved student.

As a kid growing up, it was hard to think of my grandpa as ever being a young man. But, I remember a story he told me once about how when he was in college, he grew melons and sold them to help pay for school. When the melons were just about ripe, he had to sleep out in the field at night to keep them from getting stolen or eaten by critters. Going through the yearbooks I came across an impromptu photo titled "Chick and his Basket". It shows Charles pulling a giant woven basket on a small wagon - big smile across his face. I loved the photo (even though it is grainy and hard to see much) because I couldn't help but wonder if this was young Charles with a basket full of melons peddling his wares to pay for school. We'll never know, but I hope you get a kick out of the photo as much as I did.

Enjoy your family history!

. Morningside College Annuals - Garlock

I will warn you, this is another large file - may take a while to download.

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