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1. How the West Was Won by the Garlock Family.

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Mary and John Wesley Hitt

I have no training or background in history.

This is something that became an interest to me after retirement in October of 2019,

and after the pandemic hit in 2020 and we were more or less restricted to staying home.

There, that's out in the open.

So please forgive me my informal style, many corrections, and occasional (I hope) errors.

I am writing these posts one at a time, and as I progress through the stories,

new information is coming up all the time.

I will undoubtedly contradict myself as I get further into the Garlock History.

I hope to come back and update early stories if I find I've made errors.

The very first piece I wrote on the Garlocks is entitled:

"How the West Was Won by the Garlock Family"

It was inspired by learning about the pioneer spirit of my great-grand father the Rev. Charles William Garlock, his mother Maranda and more so by the story of my great-great grandparents the Hitts.

In this story you will be introduced to:

  • Rev. Charles Garlock and his two wives Agnes (Wallace) and Fidelia (Hitt).

  • Rev. Charles' parents Walter and Maranda (Daniels) Garlock.

  • Fidelia's parents John Wesley and Mary (Lawrence) Hitt

Enjoy your history!

Download a PDF version of "How the West Was Won by the Garlock Family"

Below or on the Stories Page.

. How the West Was Won by the Garlock F

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Mark Jamison
Mark Jamison
Jan 07, 2021

Please feel free to comment or add corrections.

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