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3. Postscript to the Story of Maranda Garlock

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

When I noted in my earlier post that Maranda Garlock was remarried after she moved to Sioux City, I did not know much about her life and marriage. I wrote that she had married a Mr. William Paul and that he died shortly thereafter. Pretty simple story.

However, shortly after writing that piece, I subscribed to This site remarkably had over 1.5 million pages from the Sioux City Journal dating back to the 1864. I started by searching for information about my great-grandfather Rev. Charles William Garlock. I found over 100 newspaper articles about him - but that is another story. To my great surprise I found quite a few stories involving other members of the family. And most interesting was the tabloid-like saga of Maranda Garlock and her marriage to Mr. Paul.

I won't ruin the story for you here.

But I will throw a little hint your way:

Maranda's marriage with Walter hit a wall,

So she hitched up with fine Mr. Paul.

But their marriage was short,

It ended in court,

She was still married to Walter after all.

- Your Humble Correspondant

Read Below or go to the Stories Page and read: "3. Postscript to the Story of Maranda Garlock."

Also available is file "3A. Documentary Records Regarding Maranda ..." that has copies of the actual newspaper clippings.

I think you're going to like this one!

Nellie Mae, Maranda, Merrick and Edson Garlock

3. Postscript to the Maranda Story
Download PDF • 5.83MB

3A. Maranda Garlock Paul Documents
Download PDF • 19.71MB

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