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2. Why is it Nobody Seems to Know About Vera Edith Garlock?

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

When I published my first story "How the West Was Won by the Garlock Family", I briefly introduced the oldest daughter of Rev. Charles Garlock and his first wife Agnes. Her name was Vera Agnes Garlock and she was born in 1882. When my mother, Charlotte (Garlock) Jamison commented on the piece, she said she knew nothing about Vera. Vera was her aunt! Her family never talked about Vera, at least that she could remember. Of course, Vera died in 1926 which is 6 years before Charlotte was born. Nevertheless, I thought it odd that Vera was such a mystery. So I decided to look into her story.

There wasn't all that much to discover about Vera, but what I could find I put together in my second piece.

Download a PDF version of "Why Is It Nobody Seems to Know About Vera Edith Garlock?" Below or on the Stories Page.

2. Nobody Knows About Vera
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1 Comment

Mark Jamison
Mark Jamison
Jan 31, 2021

Below is an e-mail from my Aunt Billy (Helen Garlock) regarding the Post about Vera Garlock:

This is what I know (or don't know) about Vera. My dad never mentioned her as far as I know. I don't think he ever got to know her well even though they lived in the same house for awhile. Then, when she went to the asylum, that was a blight on her as far as he was concerned. Mind you, that is only speculation on my part. Back in those days, people didn't handle mental issues well at all. I think they thought it was much worse than a physical handicap. Unlike Vera, Nellie was well-loved. She was a half sister o…

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